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The Marine Matters Podcast - SOS Puffin

20 October 2020

In the first episode of our Marine Matters podcast, Volunteer Coordinator Emily finds out more about SOS Puffin, a long-running conservation project at the Scottish Seabird Centre. She talks to project coordinator John Hunt, before heading out onto the island of Fidra to chat to some SOS Puffin volunteers about their experiences.

Darwin 200 - broadcast live from the Bass Rock

12 October 2020

This month saw the Seabird Centre Team return to the Bass Rock, after 2 months without any landings, and boy was it worth the wait. Maggie Sheddan (Bass Rock Landing Guide), Emily Burton (Volunteer Coordinator), Bobby Anderson (Volunteer) and Charlotte Foster (Marine Engagement Officer) met bleary-eyed in Dunbar harbour at 6:15 in the morning, ready to head to the island for a very special day.

A Family Reunion

23 September 2020

Our latest blog by SOS Puffin Leader, John Hunt, reveals an alarming tale of a family of mute swans, nesting in the marsh by North Berwick Law. Luckily the ending is a happy one.

20 Years of Volunteering

21 May 2020

As the Scottish Seabird Centre celebrates its 20th Birthday, Volunteer Coordinator Emily Burton, Volunteer Group Chair Sandy Forrest, Volunteer Group Coordinator Barbara Schofield, and SOS Puffin Coordinator John Hunt reflect on 20 years of volunteering.