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Blue Carbon: An Ally in the Climate and Nature Crises

4 May 2022

Read our latest blog by Corallie Hunt, Marine Sustainability Adviser - NatureScot, to learn more about Blue Carbon in Scotland and why it is so important.

Sustainable fishing and what you can do

11 April 2022

Jack Clarke, Sustainable Seafood Advocate at the Marine Conservation Society explains why sustainable fishing practices are vital to the health of our oceans; and how you can make more ocean friendly seafood decisions.

Therapeutic qualities of a coastal landscape

25 February 2022

We have a very talented team working at the Centre. In this month’s blog, Brenna Stewart, Visitor Experience Assistant in the Discovery Experience shares an extract from her honours project exploring the connection between blue spaces and wellbeing.

Scottish Fins and Flukes

29 December 2021

There’s a magic about whales and dolphins. Catching sight of them, even just for a second, feels like glimpsing a different world. Like seabirds, cetaceans bridge the gap between life on land and life below the waves, reminding us of the rich biodiversity beneath the water’s surface.