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A bird for all seasons

24 March 2021

The beautiful and distinctive eider duck is a bird you can spot along the coast throughout the year. Read on to find out more about these delightful sea ducks in our latest blog by John Hunt.

Celebrating Women in Science

11 February 2021

Two of Scotland’s most influential ornithologists were lifelong friends Evelyn Vida Baxter (1879-1959) and Leonora Jeffrey Rintoul (1878-1953). First making their mark over a century ago, their work remains important today. True pioneers in their field, they were first to theorise that the wind could affect bird migration routes and were instrumental in the establishment of the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club (SOC). Our Project Officer, Dora Roden, reflects on their incredible achievements in our latest blog.

Celebrating Wetlands

4 February 2021

In recognition of world wetlands day our CEO Susan Davies, reflects on the importance of protecting and restoring coastal wetlands in Scotland.

The Marine Matters Podcast - SOS Puffin

20 October 2020

In the first episode of our Marine Matters podcast, Volunteer Coordinator Emily finds out more about SOS Puffin, a long-running conservation project at the Scottish Seabird Centre. She talks to project coordinator John Hunt, before heading out onto the island of Fidra to chat to some SOS Puffin volunteers about their experiences.