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Safeguarding Seals: Threats & Conservation

4 December 2023

In this second blog about Scotland's seals by Conservation Assistant Emma Marriott, we uncover the threats that seals are facing and learn what we can all do to help protect them.

Spotting the Difference: Seal Species in Scotland

3 November 2023

Conservation Assistant Emma Marriott explores the differences between our two native seal species - Grey seals and Harbour seals - and dives into their behaviour and identification.

Exploring the Small Isles

29 August 2023

Our new Youth Ambassador, Udara Nagodavithana, reflects on her time spent on the incredible Small Isles, recounting what she learned, and the amazing wildlife and landscapes she saw along the way.

It’s Citizen Science, not Rocket Science!

9 August 2023

Research requires a whole lot of data, which is why scientists need your help to collect information on wildlife and habitats. We call this "citizen science", and there are a huge range of projects to choose from. Wherever you live and whatever your interests, there will certainly be a way for you to help monitor those species and habitats so that we can better understand and protect them. To find out more about citizen science and the variety of projects to get involved in, read this blog by conservation assistant Emma Marriott.