Legacy giving

Why leave the Scottish Seabird Centre a legacy?

Inspiring people to care for our marine wildlife

By pledging a gift in your Will, you will be helping us to inspire more people to learn about Scotland's marine environment and to take steps to care for it. Like you, we can't imagine a world without our iconic and internationally important seabirds and marine wildlife and habitats, but many of these are in decline and urgently need our help to recover. Your gift will help inspire others to get involved in caring for our precious marine and coastal environments.

How a gift could help

Leaving a legacy is the ultimate way to support a cause you care about. We value every gift received whether it is modest or more substantial. Gifts enables us both to plan future projects while continuing our important work day-to-day.

Your gift could:

(c) J McDermaid, (c) P Wilkinson, (c) RJ Lilley, (c) J McDermaid, (c) P Hackett, (c) H Pugh

Further information on our core activities is available in our impact reports.

How to include a gift in your will

We are grateful to all those who choose to remember the Scottish Seabird Centre in their will.

We benefit most from gifts that are left to us with no restriction as it allows us to use the money where it is most needed at the time, across our conservation and education charitable purposes. If you do have specific areas of interest we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you and to take them into account at the time your gift is received.

For further information please click here to see our legacy leaflet. For a confidential conversation, please call Sandie Fisher on 01620 890202 or email sandief@seabird.org. We will always respect your privacy and handle your enquiry with care, sensitivity and respect.

What you need to do if you have already pledged a legacy in your will

If you have already generously included the Scottish Seabird Centre in your Will - our genuine thanks go to you. While there is no obligation to tell us about your gift, if you do let us know it will allow us to thank you now and will help us plan for the future.

Thank you for supporting us in this special way.