Marine Data Trail

Discover marine citizen science in Scotland

This trail is all about discovering wildlife, exploring marine habitats, and finding out more about the data you can collect to protect them. At each point on the map you'll find out about a new species or habitat, and discover a citizen science project that you can get involved with.

Citizen science is the collection or analysis of scientific data by members of the general public. Opportunities to gather data are available both digitally, from the comfort of your home, or out in the field. There’s something for everyone!

Good for people
Taking part in an environmental survey is a great way to get outdoors, meet new people, develop new skills, and take meaningful action for nature. Time spent outdoors can benefit mental and physical health, allowing people to learn about wildlife and connect with the natural world.
Good for science
More people means more data! Involving the public in research overcomes barriers such as limited funding, geographical range, and the number of scientists available to carry out field work. Data collected by citizen scientists allows us to discover more about the environment and what we need to do to protect it.

Download the trail for free HERE.

Each stop on this map links to a short video, where one of our team or brilliant project partners will explain more about a citizen science project that you can get involved with.

1. Shoresearch

2. Seagrass Spotter App

This project is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Learn more about citizen science
Have we captured your curiosity? Are you excited to learn more about citizen science, such as what it is, why it's important, and even more ways to get involved? Check out our helpful blog and dive into the exciting world of everyday science!