Velvet Swimming Crab

Necora puber

What do they look like?

A medium-sized crab with vivid red eyes, dark blue stripes on its legs and a blue tint to the tips of its claws. The short, soft hairs that cover the velvet swimming crab’s body make it appear velvety, hence its name. The flattened hindmost limbs act like paddles for swimming and its carapace (shell) can range from brown or green to orange in colour.

Where can I find them in Scotland?

Found all along the coasts of Britain and Ireland but most common on rocky habitats and reasonably sheltered shores down to 80 meters or more below the waves.

Up to 10cm
Carapace (Shell) Width
4 - 5 years
Conservation Status

Fun Fact
Velvet swimming crabs are actually blue! It’s the thick covering of velvety hairs that gives it that brownish-green appearance.

When rockpooling, please be careful to leave everything as you found it.

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