Common Lobster

Homarus gammarus

What do they look like?

Lobsters are blue on top (with small light-coloured spots) with a yellowish underside. They have ten legs, the two at the front forming two large pincers. These pincers are slightly unequal with the larger one used as a crusher and the smaller as a cutter.

Where can I see them in Scotland?

They are found throughout the UK seas but are mainly active at night. During the day they hide in gaps between rocks and can be found at a depth up to 60m.

Fun Fact

Lobsters are invertebrates, with a hard, rigid protective exoskeleton or shell. They grow in length by shedding their exoskeleton in a process known as moulting.

If you spot a lobster with balls on its legs, you will be seeing a female! Female lobsters carry their eggs around for about a year, so this is the ball shaped jelly you can see.

Size (Length)
15 years

Want to find out more about lobsters in Scotland?

Visit the Firth of Forth Lobster Hatchery website for more information.