Common Goby

Pomatoschistus microps

What do they look like?

Common Gobies are small fish with a sandy grey colouration and darker patches blotching their back and sides. Their eyes are large and sit high up on their heads.

Where can I see them in Scotland?

Common Gobies are found all around British and Irish coasts, usually in shallow inland waters. They prefer open sandy or muddy habitats such as estuaries and salt marshes, but they may be found in more densely vegetated habitats, too. You will also find these fish in rockpools on the middle to lower shore, or in brackish lochs and lagoons.

Fun Fact
Common Gobies find rocks or empty shells in which to lay their eggs. These are guarded by the father, who wafts water over them with his tail to provide a constant supply of oxygen as they grow.

Up to 6cm
Up to 2 years
Average Lifespan
Conservation Status

A Common Goby camouflages well against the muddy yellowish brown sand it rests upon
(c) Ove Glenjen