Meetings with Moths

Hear about some of Scotland's rarest moths and the amazing species you can find here in East Lothian, in this fascinating talk by entomologist and author, Katty Baird.

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Moths are a beautiful and diverse group of insect that live all around us. Despite this, they often get a bad reputation as destroyers of clothes or as dull brown insects that flap around at night. This talk will dispel these misconceptions and shed light on how crucial moths are in our ecosystems, as well as their importance in enabling us to keep tabs on the health of our environment.

Learn about some of Scotland's rarest moths that live in East Lothian, from sand dunes to rocky hills. Hear about the exciting discovery of the much sought-after Blue Underwing in nearby woods, the importance of our road verges for Mallow moths and Katty's adventures searching for one of our most beautiful moths through the winter months.This talk should inspire everyone to love moths a little more and will provide all you need to know to get started with recording the moths for yourself. The more we know about which species live where, the better able we are to help conserve them.

Katty Baird is an entomologist that lives in North Berwick. She spends much (maybe all) of her free time looking for and recording moths in the local area. She has recently published a book with 4th Estate called "Meetings with Moths" in which she delves into the natural history of moths and some of her adventures documenting them throughout Scotland.

This is a 1 hour session.

Please note this is an in person event and will be held in the theatre at the Scottish Seabird Centre.

  • Tickets are £5 per person (Free for members)
  • Under 16s to be accompanied by an adult

Katty’s book ‘Meeting with Moths’ will be available to purchase at the event from Night Owl Books.

What if my event is cancelled?

If this event is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances, we will get in touch with you the day before to let you know. You will be refunded.

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