BioBlitz by the Sea

As partners of Fringe by the Sea, we are excited to be teaming up with scientists and nature organisations from around Scotland to deliver BioBlitz by the Sea: an action-packed celebration of marine and coastal wildlife. We're on a mission to discover and record as many animals and plants as possible, and we need your help! Come and join us for a mix of bookable and drop-in activities, outdoor events, and talks that will help you to discover and protect our amazing marine environment. Look around our information stands and hear from experts about how collecting data can help to protect wildlife and wild places.

Drop-in to the Scottish Seabird Centre anytime between 11.00AM-4.00PM to explore information stalls and family-friendly activities hosted by the our team and other brilliant environmental organisations. Help contribute to species records by borrowing equipment and identification guides to help you set off in search of your own species.

Birds for Beginners 11am - 11.45am
Join our Conservation officer for a relaxing 45 minute bird-watching tour along the coast to find out more about the seabirds, shorebirds and garden birds that can be spotted around Scotland. Tickets £5. Suitable for ages 13+. All under 16's to be accompanied by an adult.

Moths and Butterflies of Our Coasts with Katty Baird 11am-11.45am
There are many beautiful moths and butterflies to be found along our coast. Join local moth expert Katty Baird to learn more about these important insects and the work being done to help them. There will be a short talk followed by a chance to enjoy up close some of the moths caught in light traps set in the local area the previous night. 30-minute talk followed by 15-minute Q Suitable for ages 10+. Tickets £3.

Mini Rockpool Ramble 12pm - 12.45pm
Discover the amazing wildlife that can be found in the rockpools of North Berwick! Enjoy a brief talk followed by a guided ramble along the nearby rocky shore. You’ll be amazed by the variety of life and the different adaptations of the creatures you meet. Tickets £5. Ages 5+. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Seaweed Search 12pm - 12.45pm
Join the Marine Conservation Society for a closer look at seaweeds, our ocean superheroes. The session will include an introduction to the Big Seaweed Search, an easy to follow citizen science survey. You will learn why it's important to track seaweeds around the UK and what they can reveal to us about our changing climate before heading onto the shore to explore and record the seaweeds you spot there, plus any other exciting rockpool creatures. Ages 13+. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are FREE but spaces must be reserved.

Coastal Plants for Beginners 1pm - 1.45pm
Join North Berwick in Bloom to discover the wildflowers of the Scottish coast in this outdoor session for beginners. Learn how to identify some of Scotland’s coastal wildflowers, discover why they are important for people, and learn more about the role that they play in the wider ecosystem. Ages 16+. Tickets are FREE but spaces must be reserved.

Isand Life: Wildlife and Conservation on Our Local Islands 1pm - 1.45pm
Come and join us for a 30 minute talk to delve into the wonderful wildlife on some of the islands off the East Lothian coastline: The Lamb, Craigleith, and Bass Rock. Discover why these places are so important for seabirds during the summer months and learn more about the other wild animals that call these islands home throughout the year. Find out what it’s like to work on the islands and discover more about the important efforts being made to protect and preserve these special places. Suitable for ages 10+. Tickets £3.

Plastic, the Sea, and Me with Caitlin Godfrey 2pm - 2.45pm
The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) are at the forefront of marine conservation in the UK, campaigning for cleaner, healthier and better-protected oceans. The problem of marine plastic pollution is one of the greatest challenges the ocean faces, with an estimated 11 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year. The Marine Conservation Society have been tackling marine plastic pollution for decades through campaigning work and our citizen science survey Beachwatch. Come along to hear more about this issue and find out how you can get involved in helping to clean up our seas. Suitable for ages 10+. Tickets £3.

Discover the Shallow Seas Beyond the Rockpools with Snorkel Wild! 3pm - 3.45pm
Join Genine, Founder of Snorkel Wild, as she shares her passion for Snorkpooling, an activity that combines snorkelling and rock-pooling along the South East Coast of Scotland. See and learn more about the fascinating sea creatures and beautiful seaweeds that inhabit the rockpools and the waters beyond. Genine will offer tips and guidance on how to discover these underwater wonders for yourself, ensuring you can plan your own Snorkpooling adventures with confidence. Suitable for ages 10+. Tickets £3.

Whale and Dolphin Watching for Beginners 3pm - 3.45pm
Ever spotted a fin in the water and wondered what it was? Join us to learn more about some of the amazing whale, dolphin, and porpoise species found around the Scottish coast and discover how our partners at Whale and Dolphin Conservation are working to protect them. Tickets are FREE but spaces must be reserved.