We are incredibly grateful to our amazing team of volunteers, who play a key role in the delivery of our education, conservation, community, experience and fundraising work.

Our brilliant volunteers work tirelessly to support, fundraise for, the essential work of the charity. Recognised for their exceptional and varied work by the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, they are a key part of everything that we achieve today.

The Scottish Seabird Centre Volunteer Group contributes to the charity in a variety of ways and volunteers are free to choose the activities or departments they would like to contribute their time to. You can find out more about the activities our volunteers are involved with by reading our Volunteer Handbook here.

We warmly welcome new volunteers from all backgrounds to our team. We try to take a flexible approach, adapting our opportunities to be as inclusive as possible and to match the interests and requirements of our volunteers with our activities. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with the Scottish Seabird Centre please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us a question.

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please email info@seabird.org or call +44(0) 1620890202

Queen's award for voluntary service

Congratulations to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Our Volunteers have been awarded with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for their exceptional work over the last 20 years! Tom Brock, CEO at the time, said “We are absolutely delighted to hear that our wonderful volunteers have been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen for their outstanding voluntary service – a richly deserved award. We are incredibly grateful to all those who have volunteered for the charity from inception to the current day. Our survival and our successes have only been possible thanks to their passion and dedication. It is truly wonderful to meet and work with so many people who care so much about our very special marine wildlife as well as their local community.”

Chair of the Seabird Centre Volunteers, Sandy Forrest said: “This is just an amazing award, and totally unexpected. The Volunteers really enjoy helping at the Scottish Seabird Centre as we have such a varied experience, from assisting with school groups; to meeting visitors from the local area and from other countries of the world; and getting involved with the conservation and environmental activities so valuable to our community. We particularly appreciate working with a young, committed staff who make it possible for us to support them in their endeavours.”

Presentation of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service
©Rob McDougall

Some of our lovely volunteer group ahead of accepting the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service
©Rob McDougall